About us

About us

Started by three sisters who wanted to make a difference. 

Romy - Having lived in Mexico for 7 months I learnt how dangerous sunscreen can be for the seas. Thinking of myself as a sustainable person I couldn't believe that I had never known some petrols contain petroleum and other toxic ingredients that can kill coral reefs and marine life. Knowing that I generally wear sunscreen in the sea I knew there must be an alternative. After doing research I found out there were some 'Reef Safe' ingredients that you could have in your sunscreen that was safe for the seas, that was the beginning of SoSo Sunny.


Gemma - Whilst being pregnant I read up a lot about natural remedies for babies and the safe products to use for them. When Romy came to me about the idea for SoSo Sunny I really wanted to be involved and pushed for the 100% natural aspect of the business, I wanted my boy to have only the safest ingredients which in turn meant safest for the future of his planet too.


Finty - Having not been too into sustainability myself when Romy came to me about SoSo Sunny I thought about the ease of having a product that helped the planet but didn't affect the quality. I knew that some sunscreens I've used in the past were sticky and left white marks so I wanted to make sure our sunscreen was the best product it could be. I wanted to make it an easy swap for the everyday shopper so that they could help the planet without compromising on quality. That's why I wanted to ensure our formula rubbed in clear, smelt good and didn't leave you feeling sticky.


Romy Gemma and Finty all sat together on a boat in Ibiza

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