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Refill Explained!

How to Refill your bottles

Make sure you refill your bottle as soon as you receive your pouch as it doesn't have a shelf life!

Step 1. Snip the corner off. Cut along line A for thicker liquids like shampoo and creams, and line B for thinner liquids like serums and toners.

Step 2. Pinch closed where marked and turn upside down directly above your empty bottle neck.

Step 3. Release your pinch and the liquid will flow. You may need to squeeze the card together to get every last drop out. 

Step 4. Open up your wallet and check inside for disposal info for your pouch. Please rinse the pouch before disposing.

How long you keep your Refill Pouch

The pouch is made from compostable materials and is not designed for an extended shelf life. Therefore you need to refill your existing bottle within 5 days of receiving the delivery.

Disposing of your Refill Pouch

You can put this in your home compost heap or it can be collected in your council food waste pickup or in your garden waste bin. 97% of local councils in the UK currently have green waste collections. (WRAP)

Refill Pouch materials

It’s mixed bio-based, made from a mix of wood cellulose and aluminium. 

How to: